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Close the world, Open the nExt.

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Free to use


A front-end for the Fediverse


A simple file upload service


Privacy-focused meta-search engine

Registration required


A decentralized instant messaging protocol
Connect with your XMPP client at [username]

(By the way, welcome to the people who found my services from Let's Decentralize)


A decentralized social media platform

(The default front-end of Pleroma requires JavaScript to function)

Privacy policy

No logs are kept.

Some data that are necessary for the services to function may be kept in the server.

Terms of service

Don't use any of the services for illegal reasons.

About the server

All the services are hosted on a Dell Latitude D630 with a Core 2 Duo T7250 CPU and 4 GB of RAM. Because of the limitations of the server, the registrations will be limited.

I don't keep logs on my services, and I try my best to protect your privacy. Although mistakes can happen from time to time. Feel free to provide feedback if you want to.


Here are a few friendly servers whose owners are friends, and I also suggest using their services.


For registrations and any other issues, you can contact through the services mentioned here.